Peter's career experience makes him well placed to provide support to clients in areas such as:

  • Editorial work
  • Public speaking.

A summary of Peter's relevant career experience is shown below.


Peter has very strong media, public relations, writing and editorial skills and committee experience developed over 30 years.

He has a strong track record of working on committees and fora of various kinds and using them effectively to deliver his organisation's priorities by adopting an open and non-adversarial (but firm) partnership approach. He is also experienced in public speaking and able to adjust his style of presentation to a wide range of audiences.

Peter has worked in various written media (internally and externally focused) e.g. research and technical reports, annual reports, editing member magazines, newsletters and websites.  He has regularly written news releases and press articles and commentaries in a variety of styles and developed relationships with relevant publications and journalists and prides himself on accuracy and integrity. Media trained, he has frequently given radio and TV interviews.  The press is constantly looking for controversy: Peter's record is of emphasising the positive and avoiding polarity.
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